Is your breath mint causing more harm than good? Just because it tastes like your favorite toothpaste, doesn’t mean it is good for your teeth and overall health. Breath mints are still candies and may contain more than enough sugar and calories than you’d want. Mints are, however, extra handy when you need to freshen your breath and there is no time and right place to brush your teeth. Torn between two options? You shouldn’t be. MMMint Bubble provides you with minty fresh breath minus the harmful effects of sugar! Our mission is clear: give you a fresh, bold, long-lasting menthol goodness that most mints don’t offer anymore. As much as you don’t deserve bad breath, you also don’t deserve the excess sugar and calories in your diet. So, we made our minty bubbles sugar-free! These round mint bubbles, like their packaging, feature a simple and clean look. We are pretty straightforward about putting emphasis on flavor, so why make everything else complicated? Our mints are perfect for daily intake and traveling. Freshen up conveniently no matter where your journey brings you. Why the extra M’s in the name? Because that’s the exact sound you’ll make once the outer shell melts in your mouth, giving way to a gush of liquid mint goodness. But it doesn’t end there. The fresh flavor stays in your mouth longer. No aftertaste and definitely no residue. Take the bubble as it is or drop one in your tea for an invigorating, mood-enhancing drink.