There is no need to use harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals to keep away those nasty pests.Unlike most other common mosquito and pest repellents, Lander’s Natural Pest Repellent contains only natural ingredients that are totally 100% harmless. In fact none of the ingredients have any negative side effects to humans or animals. Lander’s Natural Pest Repellent is not only harmless to people and pets, but it is also very effective. Using a small amount throughout the day will keep 99% of all pests, including but not limited to, mosquitoes, horseflies and gnats. And because it is all natural there is no need to worry about exposing yourself to chemicals that may be harmful to your health. Often times children react much more severely to bug bites. The venom in both the sting of a mosquito or the bite of a horsefly can can cause a reaction of the skin that can be very itchy and even painful. Because of all natural ingredients used to make our pest repellent, you will not have to worry about limiting the use on your children or pets.