TAKING MEDICATION DOESN’T HAVE TO BE HARD. Difficulty swallowing medication is experienced by millions of people including children, adults, the elderly and those with disabilities or neurological conditions. Gagging, vomiting or choking on pills can be traumatizing, potentially impacting medication adherence. To make swallowing easier, it’s common for medication to be crushed or mixed with food. With Phazix, those who have a swallow reflex can easily swallow an entire tablet, capsule or powder without crushing or mixing the medication with a food carrier. Phazix, the new and unique swallowing gel, is:

  • A clear, moderately thick gel that is placed on a spoon with the medication and consumed in a single swallow
  • A slippery substance that lubricates the mouth and throat to help minimize the chances of aspiration
  • Sweetened with sugar and has a pleasant vanilla flavor and aroma to mask any unpleasant taste or smell associated with the medication