Ours start as plants. Plants are amazing natural factories that manufacture time-tested compounds, many of which have been known cleaning solutions for centuries. But in this century, we discovered that combining these natural compounds can cause them to emit gasses or residues that are irritating to the most sensitive among us. We found ways to prevent that from happening by adding other natural ingredients which, of course, are listed as well. These are our formulas. They are for the sensitive among us. Which means they work for everyone. If you’re going to buy a product to clean your little corner of that world, we believe there is a better way to test than waiting to see if you wheeze or sneeze after wiping down the counter. So instead of testing people, we test the product. For known irritants. (thanks to our partnerships with people who study irritants, we pretty much know them all). Of course we start with the very safest plant-derived ingredients. Our test begins after we assemble those ingredients into a product that cleans something. Then we test what happens as the product is used. Not on the user, but on the surfaces, water and air around the product. If any of those known irritants pop up, we start over. You would be amazed at the nasty stuff that can come from certain combinations of “clean” ingredients.

But not to worry, if it’s in our bottle, it passed our test.